Sarah’s Mission Update

I took a little break from this blog last semester because I just got so busy with classes! But don’t worry, I will be back writing much more in 2017.

A lot has happened over these past few months. The ALS Association Iowa Chapter hosted the 2016 Des Moines Walk to Defeat ALS on October 8th. The Chapter asked me to take pictures of the event and I was excited to help out. I even got to bring my roommate with! It was so cool being able to show her my passion and ALS family.

I also spent some time during the semester speaking to first year seminars at Drake about ALS and my mission to end the disease. It is always so fun to teach the first year students about something that means so much to me. I actually had a few students that were interested in volunteering with the ALS Iowa Chapter after hearing me speak. As always, thank you to the professors at Drake for always letting me share my work with their students!


I also volunteered in the ALS Association Iowa Chapter office. I called pALS and caregivers around Iowa to talk about the Chapter’s Quality of Life Grant Survey. Improving the quality of life for pALS and their caregivers is the most important aspect of my ALS work. Doing ALS research will be my career one day, but taking care of pALS will always be a part of my journey.


I am really excited for this upcoming spring semester! I know it will be an exciting part of my journey to a cure for ALS.


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