ALS Awareness Month

13082563_1003505943020707_4684968983698328850_nMay is ALS Awareness Month in the United States! Let’s make this a month of educating others about ALS.

If you are not already following me on Twitter, go ahead and do so! My Twitter handle is @sarahsmission_. I am spending each day of ALS Awareness Month tweeting a different fact about the disease. I think it is a great way to help people on social media learn more about ALS – prevalence, symptoms, etc.

The Greater Chicagoland Walk to Defeat ALS is on May 14th! It is so great that the Chicago Walk to Defeat ALS is during ALS Awareness Month! I am so excited to reunite with the Illinois ALS community. Can you believe this will be my 9th Walk to Defeat ALS? I will be the VIP tent host at the event this year. I am very excited!

So go do your part in raising ALS awareness this month! Share your ALS story on Facebook, volunteer at a local ALS event, etc. Even if your action seems small, it can really make a big difference. The more people who understand how devastating this disease truly is, the better!


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