ALS Night with the Iowa Wild

ALS Night with the Iowa Wild was held this weekend! It was also Veterans Weekend for the Iowa Wild. Did you know? Veterans have an increased risk to get ALS. A huge thank you to the Iowa Wild for hosting ALS night with the ALS Association Iowa Chapter.

I worked together with some members of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity to post seat tags around the arena to help inform the audience about ALS and the event. My duties for the rest of the evening included selling raffle tickets and giving out camouflage stress balls. The Iowa Wild raffled off two patriotic jerseys to benefit the ALS Association Iowa Chapter. They also auctioned off the player’s jerseys from the game. All proceeds went to the Iowa Chapter.

Giving out stress balls was so much fun! We were not allowed to walk up and down the rows while the puck was in play so we went between periods. We also walked around the main hallway of the Wells Fargo Arena. Everyone wanted a stress ball! Handing out stress balls was a great way to raise awareness because they had the logo and website of the ALS Association Iowa Chapter printed on them.

The highlight of the evening was when I started throwing the stress balls into the audience because they were so popular. I accidentally nailed a guy in the face! Oops. My throwing definitely got better throughout the night. I had a wonderful time at this ALS event. Thank you again to the Iowa Wild and all of the amazing volunteers!


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