Putting an End to ALS, One Classroom at a Time

I spoke to a political science first year seminar this past week about ALS and my mission to end the disease! This first year seminar was such a wonderful audience and I had a blast sharing my ALS story with them. I have really been enjoying speaking to first year seminars this semester. I plan on speaking to some more after October break. Check out the video below for a snippet from my talk.

I am going to be speaking to the 8th grade students at Nathan Hale Middle School on Monday, October 19th! I am very excited to visit the school again. My goal is to give better presentations than I did last year, not to be absolutely perfect. I will not be using the PowerPoint that I normally use when I speak at schools. Instead, I will be using an informative handout written by the ALS Society of Canada. You can find this ALS manual at http://bit.ly/1PzoY3w. I think this approach will spark more discussion with the students. Can’t wait to speak about ALS at Nathan Hale this week. Putting an end to this horrible disease, one classroom at a time.


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