Fighting ALS at Drake U

Speaking to first year seminars has been so much fun! This week I spoke to an ethnobiology FYS about ALS and my mission to end the disease. (Yes, there were plants all over the room!) This class was a wonderful audience and I really enjoyed talking about something I am really passionate about.

I will probably speak to a few hundred Drake University first-year students by the time fall semester ends. Even if I only make an impact on one or two students, I will be happy! One or two students is better than no students at all. Who knows? They might be the ones who find a cure for ALS. Huge thank you to Professor Ross for letting my speak to her FYS this week. I am very thankful for my supportive professors at Drake!

Quick update on my ALS project with the Drake chapter of Phi Delta Theta this semester……we are hoping to have a “caregiver day” sometime in late October. This day will consist of the Phi Delts and myself helping out families of pALS in the Des Moines area with house and yard work. Things are still in the works, but I will definitely update everyone when I get all the details for this event! Super excited!


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