Preparing to Speak at Nathan Hale 2.0

I will be speaking to the 8th graders at Nathan Hale Middle School in Crestwood, IL on October 20th. My talks will be about ALS and my mission to end the disease. I spoke at the school last fall and was not satisfied with my performance, so this year I have a different approach to my presentations.

This year I will not be using the ALS powerpoint that I have used in the past when speaking at schools. After a discussion with their 8th grade science teacher, we decided that it would be better to give the students some background information on ALS and then provide the students handouts about ALS. We felt that this would spark some great discussion. After that I am planning on doing a short activity with the students. The activity will consist of students designing assistive devices that could help people with ALS. I will show them examples of other assistive devices that are used by pALS to help give them ideas. The students will get in groups and take 5-10 minutes to design a device a paper. These designs will then be presented to the rest of the class. To conclude my presentations, I will talk about my mission to end the disease and how students can get involved with fighting ALS in the Chicagoland area.

I think this approach will help the students become more involved with my ALS presentations. I am looking forward to speaking at Nathan Hale Middle School again. My hope is that I will inspire one of the students to join the fight against this disease. Who knows? They might be the one who finds a cure!


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