Summer Research Comes to an End

I spent this past summer doing brain research at the University of Illinois at Chicago with Dr. Gerardo Morfini and Dr. Rodolfo Gatto. Some of the lab techniques I did this summer include:

  • Nissl Staining
    • Used cresyl violet to stain for medium spiny neurons in the striatum of the brain
  • Immunohistochemistry
    • Detected tissue components in brain sections using antibodies
  • ImageJ analysis
    • Measured the g-ratios of axons in the corpus callosum of the brain

I am thankful I had a wonderful lab partner, Heidi. She was very supportive during the rough moments.

There are a few areas that I need to work on such as paper presentations and deadlines,  but I am still growing as a scientist and will continue to improve. I am confident that the material I learned this summer will prepare me for my future as an ALS researcher. These past few months have been proof that I am on the right career path. Thank you to Dr. Morfini and Dr. Gatto for their continued support along my journey to a cure for ALS!


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