Summer Update

Lots of wonderful things have been going on with my ALS work! My ALS blanket project is complete. Sarah Lettow of the ALS Association Iowa Chapter gave out most of the blankets to pALS at the July ALS support group in Des Moines. The remaining blankets will be given to pALS in eastern Iowa. Thank you so much to the ALS Association Iowa Chapter and the Iowa Delta chapter of Phi Delta Theta for all the help with this project.

Since my blanket project is finished, I will now be starting my caregiver project. I was initially going to do the caregiver project over the summer, but realized it would be better to finish my blanket project first. I have been discussing my ideas with Sarah Lettow of ALSA Iowa. I am hoping to carry out the project this semester. Maybe Phi Delta Theta-Iowa Delta will be involved!

My research has been going well. I have been spending my time doing ImageJ analysis. My last project was measuring the g-ratios of axons in the brain. I had a strict deadline for this project, but I finished the project just in time. My current project is measuring mitochondria in the axons of the corpus callosum. I will also be presenting a paper to my lab this Thursday. The paper was written by my advisors in 2013 and is on fast axonal transport in familial ALS. I am very nervous to present this paper but I know I can do it!


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