Life in the Lab

I am working hard in Dr. Morfini’s lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago. We have taken a little break from running experiments and are now focusing on slicing brains and doing computer analysis. Doing research does not mean that I play with chemicals every day! I have been measuring the diameters and g-ratios of hundreds of axons in the corpus callosum of the brain. I am doing this using Microsoft Excel and ImageJ. ImageJ is a cool computer program that I use a lot in my ALS research.

I am really looking forward to the next few weeks in the lab. We will be doing so much more computer analysis with ImageJ. Thank goodness I have a lot of experience with the program! It is really awesome to experience the transition from holding a brain in my hand to seeing each brain slice under the microscope to analyzing different parts on the computer. The things I am learning in the lab right now will definitely prepare me for my future ALS research. I know I will be learning a lot during the next few weeks in the lab!


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