Taking a Swing at ALS

Beat ALS was held on June 23rd at Daley Plaza in Chicago. This was a fun event hosted by the ALS Association Greater Chicago Chapter to help raise ALS awareness. We had gorgeous weather the day of this event, so everyone was extremely pleased. My job for the day was to sit at one of the Chapter tents and talk to people if they wanted to take a swing at the car, donate to the Chapter, or learn more about the disease. I had the wonderful opportunity to share some information about ALS and my mission to end the disease with a plethora of people passing through the plaza.

Metal bats were used to swing at the car last year, but the Chapter was asked to stop using them because they made too much noise. As a result, plastic bats were used to hit the car this year. These bats did not make as much noise as the metal ones, but they still did a lot of damage to the car. I really enjoyed watching people of all ages take turns swinging at the vehicle. It was so great to see Julie, MaryIlene and the rest of the Chicago Chapter staff. Thank you so much to all the Chicagoans who took a swing at Lou Gehrig’s disease! One day we will hit this disease right out of the ballpark.


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