Sharing My Story with One Year Road Trip

The Webb family of One Year Road Trip visited Chicago this past Wednesday to interview my parents and I about my mission to end ALS! One Year Road Trip is a multi-media film project that aims to tell the stories of kids and teens who are changing the world. We were honored to be interviewed by the Webb family.

My parents and I met with the Webb family in downtown Chicago. The Webb’s have 3 children – Jack, Solvieg, and Evie. I was interviewed by Solvieg. It was very casual, basically a recorded conversation between the two of us. Solvieg asked questions like how did I get started with my ALS work, who is my hero and more. My favorite moment of the interview was when I spoke about the time I ran an ALS half marathon on an injured foot and Dr. McLaren ran at my side to cheer me on. Sharing that story always makes me smile. Besides the interview with Solvieg, I also made a short clip about my mission to end ALS that the Webb family hopes will be used as a television commercial. I really enjoyed sharing my ALS story and I hope it will inspire others to change the world.

My parents were interviewed by Jack Webb. This was their very first interview so I think they were a bit nervous. I was not in the room with them when they were interviewed, but I am sure they did great. I am so thankful I have amazing parents who are so supportive of my mission to end ALS!

When the interviews were all finished, we took the Webb family out for some delicious Chicago pizza at a local restaurant. It was such a fun afternoon and I had a blast sharing my ALS story with the Webb family. It was so wonderful to meet all of them and I cannot wait to see the finished product!


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