Summer Research at UIC

I am spending the summer working in Dr. Gerardo Morfini’s lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). The project my lab partner and I are working on tackles neurodegenerative diseases, specifically Huntington’s disease. We are not focusing on ALS, but I am confident this project will prepare me for my future ALS research. I have already been able to connect aspects of my work back to ALS.

This week we worked on slicing the brains of mice and Nissl staining. Nissl staining is when we take each brain slice, expose it to a dye (in our case, cresyl violet), and examine each slice under a microscope. Nissl staining highlights neurons and we took pictures of these highlighted neurons in each brain slice. We will begin analyzing each picture and optimizing Nissl staining protocols this Tuesday. Can’t wait!


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