Meeting pALS Around Iowa

Sarah Lettow and I traveled across Des Moines this morning to visit Avis! It was so great to meet Avis, give her a fleece tie blanket and spend some time on the east side of the city. Avis was diagnosed with ALS in 2009. The disease has progressed slowly for her. As of right now, she has some trouble with her hands and is starting to have trouble walking. Avis uses a walker and has ramps in her house to help her move around with ease. I loved hearing her wonderful stories and hope to see her again. A few of the guys from Phi Delta Theta were initially going to join us, but unfortunately they could not find a ride. The plan is to do one more home visit next week before I head back home to Illinois for the summer. I hope some of the fraternity guys can join us on the next home visit!

Since I go to college in Des Moines, I get to work closely with the ALS Association Iowa Chapter. The staff member I work with is Sarah Lettow. Thank you so much to Sarah and the rest of the Iowa Chapter for being so supportive and amazing these past two years. I cannot wait for another two years of fighting ALS in Iowa!


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