Ideas, Ideas, and More Ideas

As of right now, we (me, Phi Delta Theta – Iowa Delta and the ALS Association Iowa Chapter) are still working on organizing dates for when we are giving the blankets to pALS. I think we are leaning towards home visits! These home visits will be around Polk County in the state of Iowa. Polk County includes some bigger towns like Des Moines, Ankeny, and Johnston. I am very excited to make some new friends and visit places I have never seen before in Iowa.

After this blanket project finishes, I would like to start a new project for this summer! I was initially going to focus this new project on ALS warriors, but a friend on Twitter suggested I focus on ALS caregivers instead. This had never crossed my mind, so I immediately liked the idea. The suffering and needs of caregivers can sometimes be overlooked.

I know that people in other states wanted to get involved in my blanket project, so I am hoping to have that happen this time. I am continuously thinking of ideas for this project. I get my best ideas in the shower (does that happen to anyone else??). My big idea right now is to have a day where volunteers work with their local ALS Association Chapter to help out caregivers with yard work. It would really help ease their burden. I am still throwing ideas around and am open to anything. Do you have a great idea to help ALS caregivers around the US? Please let me know!


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