Fighting ALS/MND Around the World

There are so many incredible people who fight to put an end to ALS/MND. Meet some of these people.

Greg Broadhurst

I’m a volunteer for the Manchester & District Branch of the MND Association, we cover Greater Manchester. My role within the branch covers two areas; social media and campaigning. The social media part allows me to help fundraisers by promoting their events, helping them to smash their targets. It’s also allows me to help by providing access to help and guidance, to those who need assistance, who use FB and Twitter.

The campaigning side is where my strongest side shows through! I’ve successfully lobbied local and national politicians to sign the MND Charter, representing five simple right those living with MND should expect in the UK. I’ve also been one of twelve ‘Campaign Champions’ leading into the UK’s general election, on the ‘Don’t let me die without a voice’ campaign. We’ve been to parliament, and the campaign work has had an effect, with key meetings having happened.

Check out that part right here: -Greg Broadhurst


Grace bakes to help fight ALS/MND. She is 8 years old and lives in North Carolina. Baking to raise money was all Grace’s idea! Go Grace!

MAC Angels Foundation

MAC Angels Foundation is a non profit that supports families with ALS throughout the tri-state area (NY, CT, NJ). All of our services are free. We compliment other organizations that raise monies for research and treatment by filling the “Survivorship” gap for PALS and CALS. We help families navigate benefits, take families to clinic appointments, build ramps, find HHA’s, secure loaner equipment, provide emotional support, and much more. We don’t have a set menu of services as it depends on the family but we meet with each of our families and explore together how best we can help. Its the beginning of a long relationship. -MAC Angels Foundation

Sarah Lettow

Sarah is the Development Manager for the ALS Association Iowa Chapter. She first got involved with fighting ALS when her mother was diagnosed with ALS back in 2010. Sarah attended the National ALS Advocacy Day and Public Forum in Washington DC before taking her position with the Iowa Chapter in 2012. She loves getting to know the families that have been affected by the disease! -ALSA Iowa

Thank you to those around the world who work hard to defeat ALS/MND and improve the quality of life for patients. Together we will put an end to this disease!


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