Hope for the Future

Lots of great things are going on right now with my ALS work! The date is soon approaching for our event “Sarah’s Mission: Phi’s for ALS” which will be on March 28th. As of right now, Phi Delta Theta – Iowa Delta is the only fraternity that will be working with me to make the blankets, but it is possible that there will be another Drake fraternity or sorority at the event. The ALS Association Iowa Chapter is working on collecting blanket material from craft stores in the Des Moines area.  After we make the blankets, I will join the guys of Phi Delta Theta to deliver the blankets to pALS in Iowa. I am looking forward to meeting some ALS warriors around the state!

For those of you waiting for the Sarah’s Mission Youth Advisory Board application….. it is now available! To find the application, please go here: https://sarahmartinals.com/youth-advisory-board/. Applications are due by 5PM ET on May 1st, 2015. This youth advisory board is intended for people ages 14-19 and living in northern Illinois. I know northern Illinois sounds really specific, but it may be extremely difficult for someone from central or southern Illinois to be actively engaged with this youth advisory board. Events may be a 4-6 hour drive for some individuals. I am open to having someone join from down south, but they will need to contact me first to discuss our options.

A friend gave me the idea of creating a youth advisory board a few months ago when I was thinking of ways to get more people my age involved in the fight against ALS/MND. I will admit, I was not too fond of the idea at first. A youth advisory board? What is that going to do? I soon realized I could do so much with this group! When I first started my ALS work in 2010, I looked for a local group of people my age that were interested in fighting this disease. All I found were ‘young professionals groups’ – groups of men and women in their 20’s drinking alcohol and discussing ALS events. Nothing suitable for a teenager! This would a be fabulous way to create a community for teens to meet others their age interested in fighting ALS/MND. We could organize events, volunteer with local ALS organizations and more. I have never done anything like this before, but I am approaching it with positivity. It gives me hope for the future. Teens are capable of doing amazing things and I know we will get closer to putting an end to ALS/MND with their help. Be sure to share the application with those you know who may be interested in joining the Sarah’s Mission Youth Advisory Board!


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